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Get-A-Wag Toy Panda Dogs: Everythng you need to know about them 

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Toy Panda Dog
A toy sized companion breed ideal for families
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Get-A-Wag Toy Panda Dog puppy breeders are supervised under the highest standards to give you naturally colored puppies that are small and easy to care for.  We will ship internationally.

A Toy Panda Dog is the humane alternative.
The latest fashion in China these days is to have a dog which looks like a panda.  These dogs are artificially dyed and may have ears trimmed and fur cut but many people are outraged by this treatment.

Beautiful Puppy 'Merlin'

Toy Panda Dog puppies were born this cute! 
Their rich
black panda and red panda colors are natural, vibrant, and will not wash out.

Wombat is available for foster breeding adoption

Toy Panda Dogs are easy care!
The puppies are small, averaging between 5 and 15 lbs. at maturity.
The Panda Dog's coat is smooth stays cleaner than many other dog breeds fur because it seems to repel dirt!
These dogs are smart!
They make good apartment dogs because they are quiet and house train easily.
Toy Panda Dogs are great for therapy!
You can nominate a special needs child for a free or reduced puppy .
One Year Health Guaranteed!
Our breed has had no genetic defects in almost 10 years of health monitored bloodlines!

Please buy your puppy here and help a special child Get-A-Wag Therapy Dog.

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Collegedale, TN 37353
Phone: 812-278-4174

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5% of all sales go to 'Get-A-Wag' for deserving children

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